Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol

WikiLeaks Proves the Alcohol Industry Is Working Against Marijuana
March 22, 2016
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August 3, 2016

Prohibition has never worked. Regulation is the only practical method of protecting children from coming into contact with sellers of illegal substances of any kind. With a legal and regulated market comes a requirement that IDs be checked in order to buy or sell items such as alcohol, cigarettes and other age-restricted products. Rarely if ever, do you see someone trying to sell alcohol in the schoolyard, yet ask any middle-schooler if marijuana is easy to obtain and the answer will invariably be a positive one. A regulated marketplace is the answer.

The legal cannabis market as an “experiment” in states like Colorado and Washington has shown us that where there is regulated adult use, there are 25% fewer deaths from opiates, there are fewer traffic fatalities, and use by teenagers has decreased. The crime rate and the prison population is reduced, saving taxpayer dollars and allowing law enforcement to focus their limited resources on serious crimes, such as rape and other crimes of violence, protecting individuals and neighborhoods. Rather than chasing “go-fast” boats, the Coast Guard could be protecting our coastlines from the possibility of real danger coming from the sea.

The economic returns that the legal states are seeing is staggering. Money that comes from sales tax and other sources is being spent on educational facilities and on repairing aging infrastructure. Jobs, tourist dollars, real estate rentals and sales will all benefit Florida’s economic bottom line.

Although the US has spent countless billions of dollars fighting a “War on Drugs,” the availability of those substances remains unaffected. Join NORML of Florida as we strive to end the era of “Reefer Madness” and bring sensible marijuana policy to Florida. The new petition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol is here. Please print and share this petition.

Karen Seeb Goldstein
Exec. Director, NORML of Florida

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