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Vote Yes on 2 listen to the reasons why
October 29, 2014
17th Medical Marijuana Benefit
December 25, 2014

To you all:

I want to say thank you to those of you who stayed on topic and who did their best to share relevant information. Education is the key to getting medical marijuana in Florida and everywhere else. We need to continue the conversation and not just about medical marijuana’s benefits but about how the lies about the language of the amendment were the reason for its not meeting the necessary 60%+ vote. When we started polling, right after getting onto the ballot, support was at an amazing 88%. When the lies about the “loopholes” in the law (there was no law, just an amendment to allow the DOH to write the law) started being spewed by those folks at the NO campaign, the support dropped dramatically. We were not able to overcome their proficiency at lying. I wonder if they are proud of the fact that they are so good at lying… Anyway, we are not beaten. We are going to fight on. We cannot lose sight of our goal. Please don’t give up your right to vote; don’t walk or run away from Florida. Stay. Stand your ground. Stand up for your rights. 58% is amazing for a first try, and tells us that we can do it.

We are planning a rally in late January or early February in Tallahassee. We will be doing this in conjunction with the Silver Tour and other interested groups. We will keep you posted and if you aren’t a member of NORML of Florida on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/208044745901442/801069356598975/?comment_id=801163523256225&notif_t=like please join. We disseminate lots of information on FaceBook.

We will be having a general meeting soon and if you are serious about reforming Florida’s marijuana laws, we need you to attend if you can. For those of you who don’t know, we also have a chapter in Central Florida… CentralFLNorml@gmail.com… and in Jacksonville https://www.facebook.com/JAXNORML We will be planning a state-wide meeting in the near future.
We also have a Veteran site that contains up to date government information to help Veterans keep up with the ever changing VA regulations.www.Facebook.com/NORMLVOP.

We are moving forward past the election. Move with us. And thanks for all you did and will continue to do.