Help us raise 1,000,000 signatures

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December 30, 2013
The End of Marijuana Prohibition
January 10, 2014


Make Medical Cannabis Legal

Although you have undoubtedly heard that we have collected nearly 1,000,000 petitions, we still need petitions in several counties to insure that there are enough verifiable signatures.

If you are in any of the following counties, or know anyone in these counties, or would like to spend a week there, please call Lorianne at 405-921-9623. You can collect as a volunteer, or you can get paid $3 per signature. Collect 100 and you’ve made $300 in just a couple of days.

St. Johns
Indian River

Time is critical. We have a little more than a week to get this done. Please call
Lorianne at 405-921-9623. She will send them out to you immediately. Let’s not lose this chance at reform for lack of just a few petitions.


  1. I live in Lee County and Know a lot of people here, what needs to be done and where do i need to go to get information about stepping up and helping out?

    • 420admin says:

      There are some county’s we are short of signatures and yours is one of them.We are in need in of signatures in your county please call Lorianne at 405-921-9623.Let them know that Joe Sisco Norml of Florida gave you their phone and she will take care of you.

  2. SarasotaGuy says:

    It is too bad the people running the paid program for Sarasota/Manatee made it so hard to work with them. I tried to sign up a month ago and got the feeling they really didn’t care if I did it or not. They offered $1 each and not $3, but they just made it difficult. They also made me wonder if I would get paid or not. Lost me and two other people, probably about 3000 sigs they could have had. Too late now.

    • 420admin says:

      I’m sorry to hear that,each area had different coordinators so maybe yours didn’t go as smooth as others?
      I think the $3.00 was only paid at the end of the collection period.I would suggest calling Lorianne at 405-921-9623 she is the person that coordinated the entire operation and let her know of your disappointment with the Sarasota operation.

  3. Melissa Dalton says:

    I know people in Sarasota County and can take care of this area! Will give Lorraine a call to see how I can help 🙂