Grand Rally in Tally

17th Medical Marijuana Benefit
December 25, 2014
New 2016 Medical Marijuana Petition Here
January 12, 2015

The “Grand Rally in Tally” is happening! We have the permits that we need, thanks to the efforts of Bill Wohlsifer. We will be in the Capitol Courtyard in Tallahassee on Feb 10th from 1-5 PM and want you to join NORML OF FLORIDA, the SILVER TOUR and many other groups that support reform of Florida’s marijuana laws. We will soon have a Go Fund Me page set up to help to defray the costs of buses and more. There will be an event page and a link to free tickets. We need a large contingent of Veterans to support the legislation that will be filed in this session. Please make plans to join us in Tallahassee. We will keep you updated as the details are set.